About us


Here at Milton Keynes Family funeral Services our focus is all about genuine family values, because it is our family running it.

We are a genuine family run Funeral Home, not a huge mass production type funeral service provider and we live locally.

My family is here to help yours, 24 hours a day and each funeral is specifically tailored to you and your loved one, with respect, dignity and honest value, whilst really caring about what we are doing – so it is done right every time.

We also have full accreditation from http://saif.org.uk/ so you can be rest assured that we are officially recognised as professionals in what we do.

About us

We decided to open our own funeral home after spending nearly ten years in service for one of the big “market leaders” in the funeral industry.

Some aspects we felt that we could improve on inspired us to open our own Funeral Home and included the following elements i felt could and should be done better..

1. Due to the sheer number of funerals being carried out by them, I felt the service given sometimes wasn’t “personal” enough and was also on occasion rushed as being a huge funeral provider meant there were often other funerals to do later the same day for other families.

2. I felt there were sometimes unfair restrictions on chapel visits, especially outside office hours when people are most often free and want to visit a loved one and some funeral homes to this day even charge people to visit their loved ones outside office hours, which i felt was totally wrong.

3. I also felt as huge employers, some of the staff within huge funeral providers simply didn’t really “care” enough about the service they were providing and this for me was reflected in the the quality of the service delivered by those people. Undertaking is not just a 9-5 job, it is a vocation and we are a service unlike any other – people need real care, 24 hours a day  and 7 days a week, for every funeral and every family – every time.

4. The funeral price was and still is to this day, way too high with staff encouraged to sell “extras” to push the price up even further. In our opinion a funeral does not have to be extortionately expensive to be dignified and respectful. Funeral poverty is a real issue today and we want to contribute to easing Funeral poverty by pricing a funeral as fairly as possible for people. Our pricing page shows we are doing just that and we will do whatever we can to help people.

Funerals with big funeral providers are to this day generally referred to by the managment as “Funeral Numbers” so clearly the focus has shifted from what it is really all about – looking after individual people as individuals.

At Milton Keynes Family Funeral Services we think you are a lot more than just a “funeral number”.

You deserve better and so does your loved one.

Simple things that make us – Simply better

  1. We do not charge any extra to collect your loved one from their place of death from any Milton Keynes Address, thats 24 hours a day, 7 days a week – It is fully included in the funeral price.
  2. We provide a good quality, hand finished and hand lined Oak veneered coffin – again fully included in the funeral price.
  3. We will not place restrictions on a family visiting a loved one, this includes visiting out of office hours at a time to suit you – again this is all included in the funeral price. At Milton Keynes Family Funeral Services we wont charge any fee for wanting to see a loved one outside office hours  – ever.
  4. We will also never encourage you to spend a penny more than the set prices that are clearly listed on our pricing page, because expensive add-ons are not necessary for a respectable and dignified funeral. The prices you on this website see are the exact prices you pay.
  5. We care very deeply that things are “just right”. If this means we go the extra mile or the extra ten miles, that is exactly what we will do for you, because everyone is an individual with individual needs.
  6. We can provide you with very carefully taken laminated hand prints on request so you can “hold” a loved ones hand long after they are gone and we can also take locks of hair on request – both totally free of charge and included in the funeral price. Because there are never any hidden charges at Milton Keynes Family Funeral Services and if we can do anything to support and comfort a family – thats exactly what we will do. Sometimes the most comfort is given by the simplest of things – Its simply all about caring enough to think of it and offer it to people.
  7. We are a genuine family run business, a husband and wife team, so you always know exactly who you are talking to – and we know you. We also live locally, so we have a genuine interest in local people.
  8. We offer real value for money and we will save you hundreds of pounds compared to the Co-op and Dignity for exactly the same funeral. Funeral poverty is something we have pledged to tackle and our pricing shows that is exactly what we have done. http://mkffs.co.uk/pricing/
  9. We are also full S.A.I.F. accredited members http://saif.org.uk/, so you know you are being looked after by professionals.
  10. We also designed and built the funeral home with the widest doors we could possibly find and a have modular ramped entrance to accomodate wheelchair users as we felt it was very important that everyone should be able to come and visit a loved one or arrange a funeral for a loved one in our care regardless of a disability.
  11. We are more than happy to accomodate people of every religion and faith and we will try our very best to observe and respect any religious requests at all times including families coming in to wash and dress a loved one themselves if it is required.
  12. Every funeral is different and every family has different needs, so we will never book more than one funeral in the same day because we feel every family deserves the option of having us for the whole day if that is what is needed by them. So we will not rush off to do the “next funeral”. We never have and we never will run a “production line” funeral service, because money is not the driving force at Milton Keynes Family Funeral Servicescare and compassion – is.
  13. Because we are a small family run business we are always at the very heart of each funeral we do. As a direct result, here at Milton Keynes Family Funeral Services there is no such thing as a “three week wait”  for a funeral for a loved one and this is because we focus on you and your family fully, the very moment you walk through the door.

Family is everything to us, pop in and meet mine or call 01908 505570 (24 hours a day) for a chat, email us  or visit our Facebook page.

Should you be unable to get out to our funeral home we are happy to visit you to arrange a funeral in the comfort of your own home – Just ask.


Regards and thanks for reading – we are here if you need us.

Natalie, Tommy and John