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Funeral Plans

As accrediated members of http://saif.org.uk/ we offer a range of pre-funeral plans which give you the opportunity to leave your chosen arrangements in place, relieving your family of that burden on your passing.

Why would you want a pre funeral plan ?

Simply becasue death is an inevitable event for all of us without exception.

All too often i have sat with a family of siblings all disputing what dad or mum would have wanted

What songs or music is right ?, what would Dad or Mum have wanted ? – and all guessing and sometimes bickering because no instruction was left..

As a parent it really is your last act of caring for them, by outlining clearly what you want and i will carry out your wishes to the letter.

A funeral plan is the way to have these things in place.

A plan can be paid outright or in monthly instalments to suit your pocket and circumstances.

It is also of course very good business sense as your effectively paying todays prices for tommorows funeral – which hopefully will be many years down the road.

It is of course a sad event, but your life, however long, can also be celebrated and remembered by your family and friends in your own chosen way, well in advance of your passing with a funeral plan and this is a service we can provide.

We offer a range of plans to suit various budgets, please get in touch for more details, so you can have everything in place on your passing.

We wont encourage you to spend any more than you can afford – thats a promise.

I would add

We sell plans at the exact cost of them, we do not add anything onto the price to line our pockets.

(We actually refused the commision to keep the price down for our clients, much to the surprise of the agent)

Everyone else will bolt on a bit of profit for selling you a plan – we do not belive it is ethical to do so as a “caring service” that is helping people make plans for their death, our profit comes once the funeral actually takes place, which we think is fair and is what everyone else should be doing.


Funeral Instruction Letters

For those who do not want to pay any admin fees at all to a funeral plan company and are disciplined enough to be able to save up, we offer a service no-one else does.

We can advise you about simply making arrangments for your funeral wishes on a free letter template that we provide, so the full instruction of what you want is in place for your loved ones to follow, totally free of charge using our “Funeral instruction letter”. – This wont cost you a penny and is effectivly YOUR funeral¬† plan.

All you need to do then is obviously fund it at the time of need and this can be done either by saving up to the cost of a funeral yourself or by buying premium bonds to the same value of a funeral in a trusted loved ones name, to be cashed in by them to fund the funeral in the event of your passing.

To me this seems common sense as you may even get a decent result on those Premium bonds as time passes and there are no admin costs whatsoever incurred to you, you simply place that “funeral Instruction letter” in with your Will for your loved ones to give to any funeral director to follow.

This saves you any admin fees or costs that a funeral plan will inevitably have, however small.

This is a free funeral plan in effect that you choose how to fund at the time of need and we do this because we are serious about value and genuinely helping people.

No other funeral director will offer this free “Funeral instruction letter” (because there is no immediate commitment or profit in it from you to them)

But we will – and we will sit and guide you through filling out this letter, again totally free of charge. –¬† Because life is not all about profit.


So if you have just been to a funeral and it reminds you that you have nothing in place yourself, please pick up the phone and call me and lets get something down on paper for others to follow at least.

I wont charge you a penny for a bit of my time to at least take down your basic instruction for your loved ones