Pre Funeral Plans

In conjunction with our partner, Golden Charter, and as accrediated members of we offer a range of pre-funeral plans which give you the opportunity to leave your chosen arrangements in place, relieving your family of that burden on your passing.

These can be paid outright or in monthly instalments to suit your pocket and circumstances.

Golden charter are the market leaders in the pre funeral plan industry, so it is a proven brand and your money is 101% safe.


Why would you want a pre funeral plan ?

All too often we have sat with a family agonising over losing a loved one,  they agonise over what that loved one would have wanted, they then also agonise over the bill for the funeral as well.

A pre-funeral plan takes that burden whole off your family and really is your last act of caring for them as a parent, so everything is in place, just as youd want it to your last detail.

It is also of course very good business sense as your effectively paying todays prices for tommorows funeral – which hopefully will be many years down the road.

Death is an inevitable event for all of us without exception.

It is of course a sad event, but your life, however long, can also be celebrated and remembered by your family and friends in your own chosen way, well in advance of your passing with a funeral plan and this is a service we can provide.

We offer a wide range of plans to suit various budgets, please get in touch for more details, so you can have everything in place on yourpassing.

We wont encourage you to spend any more than you can afford – thats a promise.