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The cost of a Funeral

We are 100% committed at Milton Keynes family Funeral Services, to a transparent and simple pricing policy that offers great value.

In our opinion funeral directors generally have had it far too good for far too long and we aim to beat them all, both on price and the level of a real personal service that we offer.

The price you see on this pricing page is the total price we charge – It includes everything.

There are no “hidden” extras and we list all our prices here so you know exactly what it will cost you before coming in to see us.

We think this is something we think every funeral home should  be putting on their websites, it should be legislation really because people coming to see us are upset and as such they are often vulnerable.

Unsurprisingly and sadly the vast majority of funeral homes do not show their prices and as such people are paying far too much.

We do not charge any personal professional fees for a child under 18, not a service all others offer, but it is a service Milton Keynes Family Funeral Services will offer freely, because as parents ourselves, we really do care about your loss.

We will not charge people our personal proffesional fee if they lose a child and we will work to support that family totally free of charge.

We will not charge any fee to collect a person from their place of death at any time night or day from any Milton Keynes Address – it is fully included in the funeral price.

The price of a funeral, wherever purchased, is made up of two main parts.

    1. The Funeral Directors fee – This is our fee
    2. Disbursements fees  – These are fees charged to you by other parties, the Cremation fee, or Church fees, Minister and Doctor’s fees etc.

(Disbursment costs are charged identically to everyone and as such should be charged identically to you at any funeral home.)

Our Funeral Directors fee

From collecting your loved one from their place of death and taking care of them, preparing the required documentation, arranging everything and giving a family full use of our chapel of rest to come a visit a loved one, to carrying out the funeral on the day with all the proffesionals in place – our fee covers everything we do in one payment.

Our price also includes a good quality, hand finished, Oak veneered coffin.

Other coffins can be chosen at your request, but we have found from experience it is often an upsetting process being asked to pick a coffin for a loved one.

So to try and limit that upset we include a good quality hand finished coffin fully included in the price, because we genuinely care about your pain and your loss and want to try and limit that as much as possible.

Our funeral directors fee is £1500

Disburment costs for a local cremation

Cremation at Crownhill Crematorium = £960 (The standard Cremation fee as of 1st April 2019)

The fee doctors charge to complete the relevant cremation forms = £164  (The standard fee)

Religious minister or Civil celebrant = £200  (The standard ministers fee)

Therefore, the total cost of a typical local cremation funeral without limousines is £2824

Some other additional items that may be selected by the family at additional cost include –

A chauffeur driven Limousine (to carry mourners to and from a funeral) £195 per car (to seat a maximum of 7 persons)

Horse and Carriage – from £950

Motorcycle Hearse – please ask

Embalming – £75

Various Hard wood ashes Caskets – From £50

Supplement for a Saturday or Sunday funeral  –  + £125 Saturday  / + £250 Sunday   (plus any third party additional costs)

Other coffins are available – Please ask as we offer a wide range.

(All our coffins are sourced locally from a long established coffin makers, we collect each one we order personally.

They are all hand lined by myself and hand finished, we do not keep poor quality “generic” coffin stock because each coffin is individually commisioned and specifically made to measure for your loved one.

Service sheets – please ask

Press notices can also be arranged on your behalf – please ask

We can supply a range of other services to tailor a funeral to your exact wishes, if you have seen any product or service youd like – please ask us and we can sit and source them with you.

Where a church service or burial is required our fee remains the same at £1500

The disbursements are obviously priced differently to a cremation but are always charged to you, again, at the actual cost to us.

Before any funeral is booked you will receive a fully costed estimate, this estimate will be fully itemized and list every item and the cost of it and then a total cost to you.

Internment of Ashes/Remains

We can also arrange internments (Burial) of Ashes / Remains of a loved one in any of the local cemetary’s or churchyard’s and we do this for a small arrangement fee of = £50   (plus the fees are charged by the church or council cemetery)

To save a family paying a ministers fee i am happy to say a few words should you not require a minister present at an internment of Ashes.

Our lowest price all inclusive funeral

    1. The same care and attention to detail as we offer every family, this includes chapel of rest use etc.
    2. We supply a good quality coffin, included in the price.
    3. We can hold a small intimate short closed coffin service at our Funeral home for up to 12 people, with a minister present.
    4. We will also provide our hearse for your loved ones final journey to a crematorium with no service or family present.

We can offer this all inclusive funeral service for just £1500 all in – which includes all disbursments as well and is a totally all inclusive price.

We think for some families, it is a simple all inclusive fee at what is a very difficult time and for those wanting a “no fuss” funeral – this is the perfect solution to cater for those wishes.

I am very passionate about funeral poverty because everyone deserves an affordable, dignfied, respectful funeral.

This all inclusive price of £1500 reflects Milton Keynes Family Funeral Services genuine efforts to make funeral poverty a thing of the past for everyone coming to see us.

Please get in touch for details, 24 hours a day. – 01908 505570

Or come to our beautifully refurbished Funeral Home at – 12 Whitehorse Drive, Emerson Valley, Milton Keynes MK4 2AS

( We are located In the “Clock Tower” shopping area, with ample free parking right outside the door)